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The Way of St. James and the Cruz de Ferro

Lord, may this stone, a symbol of my efforts on the pilgrimage that I lay at the foot of the cross of the savior, one day weigh the balance in favor of my good deeds when the deeds of my life are judged. –The prayer of the Cruz de Ferro   The Cruz de Ferro . . . the Iron Cross For pilgrims on … Read More The Way of St. James and the Cruz de Ferro

The Story of Spain’s Boob-shaped Cheese

There is a walking trail across northern Spain called The Camino de Santiago. (The Camino was recently made famous in a movie starring Martin Sheen titled, The Way). For over a thousand years, pilgrims have walked this holy path in order to gain Grace by visiting the grave of the Apostle James located in the city of Santiago. Several years ago as we were nearing the end of … Read More The Story of Spain’s Boob-shaped Cheese


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